Tips for taking care of the skin you’re in

Looking and feeling good in your skin is just as important for men as it is for women, and we know a thing or two that can help you manage your daily skincare routine. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and men’s skin is considerably thicker than women’s! Keeping it well cared for and healthy-looking is important for your wellbeing and keeps you looking and feeling more attractive. Browse through NIVEA’s collection of skincare tips and guides for taking care of your skin from head to toe. We know you’re strapped for time, aren’t we all? To give you a hand, we’ve made the process quick, easy, and painless. To find the exact information you’re looking for, you can easily filter this page by category, skin type or other attributes and discover the answers to your questions.

From lumberjack to stubble to smooth as a baby’s bottom – body hair your way

Both men and women have been divided on hair removal since time immemorial. But thanks to the tendency for men to have more, the gap in preferences is often much clearer. Some men treat their body hair with a sense of pride, sculpting it with laser precision, and others would travel to the moon and back if they thought there were a way to permanently bare it all. No matter your own personal preferences, be it bearded and hip, or smooth and sensuous – or maybe something in between – NIVEA has got you covered with our expert tips and guides for managing your body hair, as well as proper shaving techniques and aftercare for all skin types. Finding what you need is simple. You can easily apply our filters, located at the top of the page, to find the specific information you’re searching for.

Keeping your body feeling – and smelling – clean and fresh

In addition to keeping your skin and hair clean and groomed, it may be even more essential to keep yourself smelling great. Whether you have a date, a business meeting, or simply want to stay well-kept for your own peace of mind, remaining odour-free is paramount for making a positive impression. After all, smell is said to be the most memorable of the senses, so it’s best to get it right the first time. But, with so many sprays, roll-ons, deodorant sticks, antiperspirants, perfumes and other products, and the fact that everyone has unique needs, preferences, and natural scents, the choice can be a bit overwhelming. We’re here to help! Let our selection of expert articles be your guide in the pursuit of a personalised fragrance that complements your natural scent, an antiperspirant that keep away unsightly and uncomfortable wetness, and more. Your needs and preferences are unique to you, and NIVEA is here to help no matter what they may be.