Hairstylist and Hair Trends Expert Sally Brooks

Internationally acclaimed hair stylist Sally Brooks talks about the latest hair trends for men and her inspiration.

Question: Which are currently the hottest hair looks for men?

Sally Brooks: Fashion has a huge influence on hair trends. Actually the movement in hair trends begins with the fashion shows. The hottest looks from the fashion shows turn up on the streets, first adopted from trendsetters and then becoming more and more mainstream. Hair style trends go along with fashion and consequently also change with it.

We have seen a real movement away from the skin tight trousers and messy, grungy 'rockstar' trend that we have seen in recent years into a more sophisticated, elegant take on it. Trousers are tailored with shorter hems and tight formal shirts are really in this season. 

This whole movement within fashion has led to men’s hair following that lead with a modern fresh approach to 50's retro styles. 

Hair is cut tighter at the sides with clean 'elegant lines' and styled with highly polished products to create a sophisticated look.


Question: Which are your favourites?

Sally Brooks: I love all the looks from this collection - it really shows how versatile men's hair can be and how you can style your hair differently 'just like women' - men used to think that they only had one way of wearing their hair and it is refreshing to see men using more products to create different looks on a day to day basis - I think that is what this collection really shows is how to stay within the 'umbrella' of the fashion trend at the moment but to wear your hair to suit your personality

Question: What was your main inspiration for creating of those looks?

Sally Brooks: I draw my inspiration from many different sources. Fashion shows are very inspiring as they are the starting point of the hair trends movement. Another very important source for me is what we see happening on the streets of London in the small underground bars and cafes of the east end of London. London is known for its cutting edge fashion movements and it is really important to see how the new generation is creating new styles. I’m seeking to combine the impressions from the catwalk and what I see on the streets to create looks.

Question: Who is for you the biggest male styling icon?

Sally Brooks: James Dean - he had an individual style that just oozed sex appeal - his look was and still is a style that has been followed and translated into trends that are still relevant today.

Question: Which is the must-have styling product this year?

Sally Brooks: My must have product this year is the Elasto Power Styling Gel - It is soft enough to manipulate into the hair to create the looks and strong enough to keep the look all day.

Question: What makes it different to other products?

Sally Brooks: With most gels the product is dry and stiff when you put it in so that you cannot maneuver the hair. You also find with a lot of gels that they can give a flaky residue with no shine which defeats the above styling trends. With this gel the finished look has a strong hold.

Question: What is your expert tip on using gels?

Sally Brooks: Always put gel into the hair when the hair is wet - and make sure that you cover all of the hair that you want to style - Most mistakes happen because the gel is not applied evenly from root to end and this will mean that certain parts of the hair have no product in at all so that there will be o hold in any area.

My top tip: If when the style is finished and dry you are not happy with some areas just damp the hair down and rework the look - simple.

Question: How often should you get your hair cut to keep these looks?

Sally Brooks:: To maintain these highly polished looks I suggest you get your hair cut about every 4 weeks to keep it in shape.