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Tips to Control Sweating

If you’re prone to unsightly sweat patches on your clothes, it might be worth giving your wardrobe a sweatproof overhaul. The materials you wear on your body and the fit really can make all the difference. Follow our Dos and Don’ts and you can stop worrying about any potential embarrassments.


Make sure you opt for looser garments. They give your skin a chance to breathe better, rather than suffocating and sweating away under clingy clothes.

Do your research. There are lots of sweat-resistant materials and clothing treatments out there – some of which are now antimicrobial, meaning they’re less prone to pong too. They’re ideal as ‘base layers’ in the winter.

Try wearing natural fibres on hot summer days. Again, they will let your skin breathe – and the larger and lighter your outfit, the better.

Consider giving anti-sweat accessories a go. Underarm shields for instance can offer extra protection if you sweat a lot. These clothing liners stick to the skin and create a physical barrier to help protect your threads as well as your dignity. They’re a little cumbersome but they get the job done.


Don’t neglect your feet! The vast majority of your sweat glands are located on your feet, so choosing the right footwear will require some serious thought too. Avoid canvas shoes and go for leather instead. To be extra safe, invest in special insoles that will mop up excess sweat and make sure you always have a couple of pairs on rotation!

Avoid synthetic and cheaply produced materials, as they do not breathe or allow for proper air circulation, which can quickly lead to excessive perspiration.

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast and get dressed accordingly – the last thing you need is too many layers on. The less the better, and you can always take a thin jacket out with you if you get chilly.