The skin after exposure to the sun

Using sun care products should be part of your summer care regime, not only before you go out in the sun, but also during and after exposure to the sun. While a sun lotion, sun spray or sunscreen protects the skin from too much UV radiation, after sun care cools and soothes skin that is stressed and irritated after exposure to the sun. Sunbathing dehydrates the skin, and chlorine or salt water also place an extra burden on the skin. After sun products provide relief and a pleasantly cool feeling on the skin. The excellent care provided by the cooling effect makes after sun products an indispensable part of your beauty regime on warm summer days. Can an after sun lotion help me keep my suntan longer? Yes, the care and moisture an after sun product provides results in a longer-lasting suntan. This is because dry skin sheds its cells faster, thereby losing its tan. Consistent application of an after sun product combats this.


After sun care: balm for the skin after sunbathing

After a long day under the summer sun, the skin needs all the support it can get. UV radiation places a burden on the skin and dries it out, which we experience as tautness and a burning sensation – NIVEA After Sun care products provide immediate help and relief. The ingredients and specially developed care formulas are ideal for sensitive skin, helping restore the skin’s natural protective barrier and assisting with regeneration and relaxation as part of your after sun care regime. The light, cooling texture allows for gentle and effective application of the after sun products, which is particularly important for irritated and sensitive skin. In addition to using NIVEA’s After Sun care products, there is even more you can do for your skin after sun exposure: Take a break in the shade and then rinse the skin of sun lotion and sand, salt or chlorine under a lukewarm shower. Simply lightly pat the skin dry with a towel and avoid rubbing too vigorously. Sunlight does not only affect the skin, it also stresses your hair when it is in need of extra gentle care. An extra rich shampoo or a hair treatment will provide your hair, stressed from sun exposure, with long-lasting care and keep it soft and healthy.


After sun or body lotion – what's the difference?

Environmental influences such as the sun, wind or water deprive the skin of moisture, while UV radiation places the skin under stress and makes it sensitive and irritated. Unlike a body lotion or body milk, after sun products contain special care formulas that will not only restore moisture to the skin but also soothe and cool. This cooling effect provides immediate relief and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.