Blow Your Dandruff Away


The oily white flakes associated with dandruff are the result of skin cells reproducing too quickly. They need to shed in order to make way for new cells. The causes of dandruff are complex but the condition is always accompanied by the presence of a key fungus that’s found on everybody’s scalp – even non-sufferers.


Most people misdiagnose dandruff as a ‘dry scalp’. In fact, the opposite is often true: it’s an oily scalp that’s causing the unsightly white flakes. A truly dry scalp is actually quite rare!

Dandruff doesn't always come with visual evidence either.  Some suffers might not notice the telltale white flakes, but complain about an itchy scalp instead. They should resist the temptation to scratch their scalp as it will irritate the skin and provoke a snowstorm on your shoulders.


The sebum of dandruff smells. If you were to get enough flakes together, they’d stink just as badly – if not worse – than any other bodily discharge.


The fungus responsible for dandruff thrives on oily scalps. While a normal shampoo might help with the oiliness, it won’t fight the actual fungus. The most common way to treat dandruff is to control the fungus that causes it. Special anti-dandruff shampoos are a common and effective solution.