Reward Your Skin with Nivea Body Lotion Skin Care

Daily life leaves its traces on us and our skin: Be it small things, like fitness bands marks on the legs , hair waxing irritation, bra marks left on the skin after a long day, daily external influences, like coldness that we need to withstand , sun exposure, to hands dryness due to over washing. Time to give our skin something back for its daily efforts with a moment of care. Reward your skin now, with NIVEA Body Lotion for 48h deep moisture that will give your skin some extra care

One Body Lotion That You Can Trust In Every Situation

Hydrates Dry Skin

Our skin's natural protective barrier is continuously damaged by wind, cold, heat and daily life. It dries out, becomes cracked and raw. This is why it is so important to use moisturizers for dry skin, to nourish and moisturize the skin to build up the protective lipid layer and prevent dehydration. This is how your skin maintains its fresh and healthy appearance.

Combats Skin Irritation

When you shave or use wax as a form of hair removal, you can get micro-lesions in your skin which can easily become inflamed if your skin is not used to shaving. If you're using a dull razor, sometimes the hair can twist and get stuck under the skin, causing ingrown hairs and resulting in red and irritated skin.

Repairs Sun Damage

Too much exposure to the sun can leave skin dehydrated, dull and unable carry out it's protective functions properly. To keep yours feeling healthy and looking beautiful and smooth, make sure you take steps to prevent damage from sun exposure and indulge it post healing with a continuous moisturization.



The Deep Moisture Serum, is an advanced formula that seeps down within the layers of your skin and locks in moisture. Every drop of the NIVEA Nourishing Body Lotion is infused with Deep Moisture Serum. Most moisturizers only tackle dryness on the surface. But the NIVEA Nourishing Body Lotion works from under the layers to help you achieve supple, smooth and healthy skin that is beautiful from inside out.


The Deep Moisture Serum penetrates deep in the layers of skin, therefore nourishing and caring for your skin from deep within. Because it works under your skin’s layers, it moisturizes your skin for upto 48 hours. The result?

  • The nourishment of almond oil helps reduce the roughness of your skin and gives you noticeably smoother and softer skin
  • Using it on a regular basis, gives you well moisturized and softer skin over time
  • Because it works from deep within, regular usage of the NIVEA nourishing body milk keeps your skin in good health


NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Lotion is a creamy textured formula that instantly gives your skin sensational softness while enveloping your senses with an indulgent fragrance. Formulated with deep moisture serum, NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Lotion is enriched nourishing cocoa butter & vitamin E that helps to lock in deep moisture for 48hours and give you noticeably smoother skin. NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Lotion keeps away dullness to reveal glowing and beautiful skin all day long.
Aloe and hydration body lotion is an ultralight, fast-absorbing formula that leaves your skin soothed, refreshed and pleasantly fragranced, just after one application. Formulated with deep moisture serum, aloe and hydration body lotion is enriched with nourishing aloe vera that helps to lock in deep moisture for 48hours while calming and moisturizing your skin, making you feel comfortable all day long
Express Hydration Body Lotion is enriched with sea minerals and Hydra IQ, which work deep within the skin, repairing your dry skin layer by layer to make it soft and supple. External factors like cold weather, exposure to the sun, can be harsh for the skin and cause water loss, but this body lotion keeps your skin hydrated, moisturized and completely nourished. The ultra-light formula is perfect for normal skin. Layer it on, just after a bath or just before you step out of the house, the fragrance and effect of the body lotion will be with you all day long. Tip: Use immediately after towel drying your skin to enhance absorption
NIVEA Smooth Sensation Body Lotion is a special smoothing formula that provides 48hours indulging moisture care for noticeably smoother skin, just after one application. Enriched with deep moisture serum and nourishing shea butter, NIVEA Smooth Sensation Body Lotion delicately melts into your skin, making it soft, supple and comfortable.