Roll-On vs Spray Deodorant

Choosing between a roll-on and a spray is, first and foremost, a matter of preference. Both formulas are highly effective at safeguarding your sweat glands, so your choice really depends on when, where and how you use NIVEA MEN's Silver Protect. Use our simple Analysis Tool to find out whether you’re a spray or roll-on sort of chap.


  • Dries faster than a roll-on. If you’re always in a rush, opt for an aerosol spray.
  • NIVEA MEN does not use CFCs in its sprays, which makes them kinder to the environment.
  • Refreshing feeling – just make sure you use a spray in a ventilated space!
  • Completely invisible on application so there’s less risk of unsightly white marks on dark clothing.
  • Sprays can be used all over the body - ideal if your personal odour isn’t confined to your pits!


  • At under 100ml, roll-ons are ideal for hand luggage when travelling.
  • NIVEA MEN’s advanced formula doesn’t ‘flake’ with wear.
  • Roll-ons deliver more active ingredient directly to the area in question. This makes them ideal for guys who want to reduce sweating more than simply deodorise.
  • It’s yours. Unlike sprays, which can be used by more than one person, nobody ever asks to borrow a roll-on!