Flake Out

A snowstorm on your shoulders can be something of a social stigma. The unpredictable – and seemingly never-ending – shower of flakes is a source of embarrassment for dandruff sufferers the world round. And while many people believe stress, pollution, the wrong hair care product or even the weather are responsible for dandruff, the actual cause is a tiny microorganism living on the scalp.


Those unsightly white flakes are the result of an overactive yeast that causes skin cells to reproduce – and therefore shed – at an unusually fast rate. The condition is normally accompanied by itchiness, redness and dull, lifeless hair. For most guys, their scalp can feel unbearably dry or, alternatively, very greasy.


The good news is that dandruff responds rather well to regular treatment. A normal shampoo will help rinse out dead skin cells but a specialised formula can get to the root of the problem by actually fighting the fungus. Some of the most popular dandruff fighting products contain pyrithione zinc or selenium sulfide, though these ingredients alone aren’t enough. NIVEA MEN’s patent pending potion contains a soluble mix of piroctone olamine and climbazole to combat dandruff without leaving any telling residue.

Top tips for living with dandruff:

  • Avoid the temptation to scratch your scalp as it will only provoke an avalanche. If the itchiness gets unbearable, try massaging it instead.
  • Some experts believe vitamin b6 deficiency might play a part in causing dandruff. If you can’t get this in wheat germ, eggs or cabbage, it can easily be found as a supplement.
  • Shampoo daily with a special anti-dandruff shampoo. Don’t assume that the fungus is under control just because you can’t see any flakes. Revert to a normal shampoo and chances are the dreaded snowstorm will return!