Men's Hair Styles Trending Right Now



Slick and shiny, this style requires straight, well-conditioned hair and some styling know-how in order to achieve that all-important ‘polished’ effect.  The ‘classic sleek’ references the 1930s preference for short, sharp styles but it also has a modern edge to it, making it as trendy as it is sensible.

How to get the look: 

  1. Begin by towel drying the hair before applying a generous amount of product to damp hair. A wet-look gel will be absolutely essential in getting the shine, definition and precision required for this look.
  2. Work the gel in evenly and separate the hair into sections.
  3. Comb a low side parting. Note that the parting is ‘soft’ and should not reveal any scalp. 
  4. If hair loses its shape while drying naturally, there’s no need to start from scratch. Simply apply a bit of water and restyle.


An homage to the wedge cuts made popular in new york during the 50s and 60s, this style features a restrained quiff that’s slicked back to one side.  Thoroughly masculine, the hair is neat, shiny and styled close to the scalp.

How to get the look: 

  1. Towel dry hair to remove any excess moisture before applying gel evenly from roots to tip and from front to back.
  2. Comb the sides of the hair flat and the top forwards. 
  3. Finish by sweeping the front to one side to reveal the forehead and let the hair dry naturally. 
  4. Hair should keep its hold all day but if there are any flyaway hairs, just smooth them over with a little extra product.



This high-volume look is mature, suave and suitable for almost any occasion. The hair is cut with a graduation method around the ears to give it a sharp and sculpted shape that is accentuated with the right styling products. 

How to get the look: 

  1. Apply gel to clean, wet hair and distribute the product using a wide-toothed comb. 
  2. Push the hair up and over to one side using the comb. 
  3. If hair starts to look too much like a helmet as it is dries, then run your fingers through the top to break it up a little and re-define the side parting.


Can you say extreme? This looks is 50s rebel meets 90’s ‘bed head’. Hair stands on its end, making you look like you’ve just walked through a wind tunnel. Probably not suitable for the office but it’s guaranteed to turn heads at the club. This style needs adequate amounts of swagger in order for it to be truly convincing.

How to get the look: 

  1. Apply gel to damp hair and comb it through evenly. 
  2. Lift the hair up and away from the face while using a hairdryer to help the product set. Note that all the support needs to come from the root so make sure you’ve applied enough product! 
  3. Leave the top of the hair to dry naturally for an unruly texture.



A stylised take on the elvis quiff, this masculine and rebellious look is back with a vengeance. Sides are practically square with enough length left of top for that defining quiff. This trend is all about being cool and carefree.

How to get the look:

  1. Simply apply gel directly onto wet hair and distribute it evenly. 
  2. Slick back the sides and comb the front upwards. 
  3. To create more volume, wait until the gel has dried a little (it should still be slightly sticky) and then comb even more height into the quiff.


Essentially a wedge without a defined parting, this is a sophisticated look that oozes effortless charm. There’s a hint of gregory peck in this style with its sculpted, masculine angles.

How to get the look: 

  1. Apply liberal amounts of gel to wet hair in order to achieve a truly sculpted finish. 
  2. Remember that gel makes hair look darker. Make sure you’ve covered the back of your head too! 
  3. Comb hair flat from crown to front and down at the sides before lifting the front up and over. Simple



Also known as the rockabilly quiff, this trendy reference to the 50s british movement is as cool today as it was back then. You’ll need a cut with lots of texture and a long fringe in order to get that unstructured and dishevelled quiff. A slight curl will add an air of rock n’ roll. 

How to get the look: 

  1. Apply gel as evenly as possible to damp hair. 
  2. Combing or brushing will only take away your natural texture so use your fingertips to shake the hair through and ‘pull’ sections into place. 
  3. Leave to dry naturally.


Unlike the ‘mod’ cut of yesteryear, this variation on the 60s britpop style is more structured and clean. It never strays over the ears or hangs over the collar. Hair is thinner at the crown, getting heavier and more layered towards the fringe, which covers most of the forehead

How to get the look: 

  1. Towel dry hair until it is damp before using a blow dryer and paddle brush to get a smooth finish. 
  2. Rub a small amount of gel between your palms and distribute it evenly throughout the hair, using your fingers like a comb to help separate chunks and add texture. 
  3. This look needs a lot of movement so don’t fix the style in place by overloading the hair with product.