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Post-workout skin workout

If you regularly work up a sweat at your local gym or sports club, you may think you’ve got all the necessary areas covered to look your best. Think again! Sure, sport is great for your health and will give you a buff physique – but just hitting the showers afterwards isn’t enough to keep your skin in shape. There are plenty of reasons why:

Showering in itself is also damaging to the skin, removing its protective lipid barrier. So give your skin some welcome relief by keeping your showers as short and cooling as possible.

The very best thing you can do though back in the changing room it apply a moisturiser like body lotion. Just as a 30-minute workout strengthens physique, so a 30-second application of lotion will strengthen your skin no end. As well as stimulating circulation, providing much-needed hydration, promoting cellular regeneration, and detoxifying the body.

Besides the obvious effects of sweating and losing moisture that way, exercising – and especially weight training – really makes your skin work too. Cell growth increases considerably and this means that post-repair and restoration of its collagen fibres is essential.