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What is Luminous630®?

Luminous630 is a highly effective innovative ingredient that works deeply on dark spots to reduce them and prevent their reappearance. Dark spots are a result of melanin imbalance, and NIVEA scientists recreated the human enzyme responsible for producing melanin in their lab then tested over 50.000 active molecules like Vitamin C and Niacinamide. After multiple optimization rounds, the molecule 630 was the most successful in reducing dark spots, hence the name of our breakthrough; LUMINOUS630!

What does Luminous630 do

What does Luminous630® do?

It works to reduce dark spots in only 2 weeks for visibly healthy & luminous skin. The superior science of Luminous630® has a dual action meaning that it acts on existing pigmentation to lighten dark spots and reduce their size, and it also balances the production of new pigmentation to prevent the appearance of new spots with regular usage.

What do the numbers say?

  • Works from day 1
  • Spots are visibly lightened in 2 weeks
  • Spots are reduced by -71% in 12 weeks

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Hear from a dermatologist

Video of Dr Kholod explaining what is Luminous630 and benefits of NIVEA Luminous Even Glow

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