Beauty secrets you must try with your friends online!

You may miss meeting your friends as you always did before Covid-19 which imposed social distance on people worldwide even for family members, lovers, and friends. However, if you miss the meetings with your friends to exchange experiences including beauty secrets, we have an amazing idea for you and your friends to do now.


6 beauty secrets for your digital girls' night

The world is heading towards communication through smart applications and social networks, so make use of technology and organize a distinctive digital beauty session with your friends that you will never forget!

Organize a meeting with your favorite friends, whether they live inside or outside your country on a safe communication application such as Zoom, and arrange for your first gathering "Zoom Pajamas Beauty Party" by applying the following steps:

  • Set a full schedule, i.e. the meeting begins with a chat on the latest news and hot topics, then a beauty session starts in which you try an effective new routine you have tried during the lockdown. Before you start, make sure that each of your friends has the right products for this experience, so that you can enjoy applying together at the same time.

    Make sure that all girls have charged their laptops or mobile phones that will be used during the beauty session, so that they are free to move during the session and most important, all cameras on.

  • After checking and knowing each other’s latest news, now it's time for the beauty session that we recommend to follow the steps below:

Step 1

First, clean the face and remove make-up using NIVEA Rose Micellar Face Wash which removes waterproof make-up without scrubbing, relieves the skin of impurities without drying it, and most importantly, cleans the skin well and gives you clean and fresh skin.
Wash your hands properly upon your return with soap for 20 seconds and rinse well with water.

Step 2

Second, exfoliate the skin using NIVEA Raspberry Rice Scrub with 100% natural exfoliating ingredients of organic rice and raspberry extract that gently exfoliates the skin.

Has any of your friends used rice for exfoliation yet? It is an innovative 100% natural way to clean your face!


Step 3

Moisturize your face using NIVEA face mask which is easily applied and effective in nourishing and moisturizing the skin within just 10 minutes! Choose from a wide range including Radiance Sheet ultra-soft mask with Argan oil and Shea butter that moisturizes the skin and leaves it soft and fresh, or URBAN Skin Hydrating mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera for hydrating the face and treating dryness.

This mask is black in color, pretty, and cool!

Do not forget to take a screenshot with your friends during the beauty session to remember these fun moments!


Step 4

Moisturize the body using the rapidly absorbed  NIVEA Lotion Cocoa Butter which combines natural cocoa butter and vitamin E for perfect moisturization and softness. It also gently eliminates signs of stress and fatigue, while the fragrance invigorates the senses for a feeling of freshness.
Apply it on arms and legs then say what you feel about the cocoa smell! Is it as delicious as a chocolate cake?!


Step 5

Moisturize very dry areas using NIVEA Creme enriched with Eucerit® which gives the skin double protection and moisturizing. Put it on elbows, knees, feet and hands focusing on dry areas around the nails.