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Body cleansing products: innovations

You may think that when it comes to body cleansing products, there’s not much more than creams and gels. But within NIVEA’s product range, we offer so much more. The specialists at NIVEA are always looking for new, innovative textures and ingredients to deliver the results you’re searching for. So that’s why in our body cleansing range, we offer unique in-shower body lotions that can be used in the shower to save you time in the mornings while leaving your skin feeling completely soft and moisturized. And body cleansing mousses that have light-as-air textures to gently cleanse. Furthermore, we offer shower oils and creams with oil pearls to provide indulgently intensive moisture. Plus, our new addition to the body cleansing line is formulated with clay for a particularly deep and purifying cleanse. In addition to our body cleansing products with innovative twists, you’ll always find all the highly effective classics you know and love. 


Influence your mood as you shower

It’s no secret that fragrances can strongly affect our mood. That’s why at NIVEA, we carefully select fragrances that complement our body cleansing products, and why there is such a large variety of fragrances you can choose from – from fruity and floral, to citrusy and marine.  If you’re looking to be wakened up during your morning shower, we offer exhilarating scents like lemongrass and moringa to give you a burst of freshness. Want something to calm you down in the evening before bed? Aromas like cocoa and honey will soothe your senses for the ultimate relaxation. If a mild, fresh scent is what you’re after, we also have cotton and aquatic scents. Basically, if you’re looking for a fragrance to put you in a certain mood during your shower, we’ll have it in our vast lineup of body cleansing products