Your best time is now.

Lisa, 42


Meet Lisa, Frederikke and Helen.
What do they have in common?

“A wrinkle just shows you have some life experience”

My name is Lisa and I’m 42. 
I grew up on a small island in Sweden, where I had a lovely upbringing. 
What makes me happy? My kids, my friends, good music, nature and paragliding, which is the closest thing to actually flying on your own. What does beauty mean for me? Beauty means that you’re happy with yourself, no matter how you look. Natural beauty comes from inside because it is shown in your eyes. 
My beauty routine: every morning I start with a good cup of hot water, maybe with some lemon and ginger and I regularly try to massage the skin to start a good circulating…I think that today is absolutely the best moment of my life because at this point I’m really content with what I am, I feel like I'm growing into my skin and everything is coming together like a puzzle. How do I feel about ageing? I want to age naturally which means taking care of yourself by eating well, exercising, living well and skipping all the plastic fantastic. A wrinkle or two doesn’t matter, it just shows you have some life experience. Today I feel complete inside and out.

"I like ageing, it’s like my life started after 35!”

I’m Frederikke, 43 from Denmark and today I’m a pilot. I used to work in an international environment for 7 years and so I used to fly a lot. It became a passion for me and all started from that. What does beauty mean for me? It is a inner feeling, it is how people glow, and if they have peace in their mind, balance and respect. 
My beauty routine: of course exercise, I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit and every morning I put on my daily moisturizing cream. Before sleeping I use a serum on my skin. How do I feel about ageing? I like ageing. It’s like my life started after 35. You feel more balanced, and secure. The secret for me is to keep on having new interests, to be curious…because it makes you younger. What makes me happy? My two daugthers. The best time of my life is right now because self-esteem makes me really happy…the best part of your life comes after 40.

“I feel beautiful when I’m doing something that energises me.”

I’m Helen, 30 from Capetown and I’m a singer. 
What makes me happy? Being able to spend time with my family and the people I love. Quality time makes me happy. What does beauty mean for me? I think beauty is more about who you are and you feel about yourself inside. Not about the make up you put on.
I love women who grow old gracefully, taking care themselves from inside. 
My beauty routine: especially in the evenings I clean my skin properly and put on a moisturing cream before going to sleep. In the mornings I keep it simple, I clean up and put on a sun screen cream. How do I feel about ageing? I have never really worried about getting older. I have become really relaxed, I found a good balance in terms of focusing on being healthy and just focusing on the moment. Recently I had some bad accidents so I realized that it is important to live in the present. I was not living it fully so I changed and I decided that  music is what I have always wanted wanted to do. This is my time and there is only today, that’s why the best time of my life is today. I don’t regret one day.


Dr. Inken Groth - NIVEA Research Scientist

She tested it and she uses it!

Skin ageing is a natural process. One of the reasons is loss of natural Q10 in our skin cells. 

It's a natural part of the skin. It helps the skin to produce the energy it needs to stay healthy. It also defends the skin from free radicals. 

Free radicals damage skin and are the main cause of visible ageing. The problem is that as you get older, your body produces less and less Q10. 

WHY Q10? 
We use Q10 because it's so much better to give something back to the skin that it already uses naturally, than something that doesn't belong to it. 

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that at NIVEA we have been researching the effect of Q10 on skin ageing for over 25 years, with thousands of scientific studies, and we found an anti-ageing treatment that works with the skin's natural processes. 


NIVEA Anti-Ageing Q10 Plus

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