A Woman Looking at her Face in the Mirror Happily after Using Nivea Rose Care Face Care Products

Rose Care Routine for Every Moment

You are full of care; from the time you spend with friends to the smiles you bring loved ones. Now it’s time to give back to yourself with some self-care! Stay pampered and treat yourself to Rose Care for healthy skin that glows. Experience the natural anti-oxidizing power of Rose Water combined with moisturizing Hyaluron and cleansing Micellar technology.


Hello Weekend

Hello Weeekend! This routine keeps your skin fresh, smooth, and protected. So that you can go BIG with your weekend plans.

Time for ‘Me Time’

A Woman Pampering Herself using a Face Mask
There’s nothing quite like some well-deserved ‘me-time.’ So, why not pamper yourself with Time for ‘Me Time’ Rose Care routine.

Hydration Reboot

Skin feeling dry? Fret not, the Hydration Reboot Rose Care routine is exactly what you need!

Ready to Face the Day

The Ready to face the Day Rose Care routine is your go-to solution to look rested and rejuvenated, even when you’re not!

Rise & Shine

The Rise & Shine Rose Care routine! For those on-the-go mornings where you want the best results as fast as possible.

Prep Me For Makeup

Love playing with makeup but hate what it does to your skin? We’ve got your back! Try the Rose Care Prep Me for Makeup routine and keep your skin protected and prepped.

Good Good Night Routine

The Good Good Night routine is the perfect end to any day, erasing the traces of everyday life and replacing them with glowing relaxation.

Goodbye Maskne

A Woman Wearing Mask & Holding a Pink Rose in her Hand
The Goodbye Maskne routine is the only thing you need to protect your skin and beat those face mask skin blues!

Rose Care Detox

Say bye-bye to dirt and impurities, hello fresh skin with the Detox Rose Care Routine!

Rose Care RANGE

Rose Care Hydrating Face Mist

 Nivea Rose Care Hydrating Face Mist is perfect for you if you’re always on the go and need to reapply products and fix makeup! It contains all the antioxidant benefits of Organic Rose Water and intensively hydrates your skin without any stickiness.

Rose Care Biphase Micellar Water

No rinsing necessary! The MicellAIR Rose Water gently removes waterproof makeup as it tones & purifies your skin. It does not break your skin’s natural barrier and does not dry it out.

Rose Care Hydrating Toner

The Rose Care Hydrating Toner with Organic Rose Water gently removes makeup and cleanses, tones and purifies. The formula is infused with natural Rose Water and Micellar Technology to restores your skin's natural moisture balance leaving it healthy, soft, and smooth.

Rose Care Moisturizing Gel Cream

The Rose Care Moisturizing Gel Cream contains all the antioxidant benefits of Organic Rose Water and Hyaluron, giving you a 48-hour 100% moisture boost to your skin. Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Rose Micellar Face Wash

The Micellar Rose Water Face Wash gently removes waterproof makeup and primes your skin for smooth makeup application. It purifies any impurities without drying it out. The result: Your skin is clean, soft and smooth without any visible residue. Just healthy-looking skin that can breathe.

Rose Care Hydrating Under-Eye Mask

Sometimes your under-eye skin needs extra love when you are sleep deprived or just tired. The Rose Care Hydrating Under-Eye mask is perfect for tired and dull under-eyes. Wearing these patches for just 10 minutes rids your under-eyes of dryness, puffiness, darkness and fine lines, with the power of Organic Rose Water. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.