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NIVEA Body Lotion Skin Care

Daily life leaves its traces on us and our skin: Be it small things, like fitness-band marks on the legs, hair waxing irritation, bra marks left on the skin after a long day, along with daily external influences: coldness we need to withstand, sun exposure, or hand dryness due to overwashing. It’s time to give your skin all it deserves now with NIVEA Body Lotion for 48H deep moisture, dry-out protection, smooth skin feel, and non-greasy, healthy-looking skin.

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Too much exposure to the sun can leave skin dehydrated, dull and unable carry out its protective functions properly. To keep yours feeling healthy and looking beautiful and smooth, make sure you take steps to prevent damage from sun exposure and indulge it post-healing with continuous moisturization.


Irritation is irritating, but also very likely to occur. When you shave or use wax as a form of hair removal, you can get micro-lesions in your skin which can easily become inflamed if your skin is not used to shaving. If you're using a dull razor, sometimes the hair can twist and get stuck under the skin, causing ingrown hairs, resulting in red and irritated skin. Therefore, it is necessary to nourish, moisturize, and soothe irritated skin with the right moisturizer. NIVEA Body Lotion gives you 48H deep moisture and a smooth skin feel.


A lot of times, dryness is inevitable, which is why it’s important to use moisturizers and nourish the skin to build up the protective lipid layer and prevent dehydration. Our skin’s natural protective barrier is continuously damaged by wind, cold, heat, and daily life. It dries out, becomes cracked and raw. With NIVEA Body Lotion, your skin feels fresh and healthy-looking.
Our Formula


Every drop of the NIVEA Nourishing Body Lotion is infused with complete care, so you can give your skin all it deserves. Most moisturisers only tackle dryness on the surface. But the NIVEA Nourishing Body Lotion works from under the layers to help you achieve supple, smooth and healthy skin that is beautiful from inside out.

NEW NIVEA Rich Nourishing 5IN1 Complete Care is an advanced formula that seeps down within the layers of your skin to give you complete care:

  1. 48H deep moisture
  2. Dry-out protection
  3. Smooth skin feel
  4. Non-greasy
  5. Halthy-looking skin.


NIVEA Rich Nourishing 5in1 Complete Care penetrates deep in the layers of skin, therefore nourishing and caring for your skin from deep within. Because it works under your skin’s layers, it moisturises your skin for upto 48 hours. The result?

  • The nourishment of almond oil helps reduce the roughness of your skin and gives you smooth and non-greasy skin feel
  • Using it on a regular basis ensures deep moisture, dry-out protection, and healthy-looking skin over time
  • Because it works from deep within, regular usage of the NIVEA Nourishing Body Lotion keeps your skin in good health