Ultimate Baby Summer Skincare Guide

Summer’s almost here and it’s time for all new adventures with your baby. No matter where you’re headed, remember that your baby’s skin is still very sensitive, and that summer heat can be harmful.

Here are a few tips to enjoy summer with your baby without worry.


As a new parent, you’re always worried that your baby’s going to catch a cold, so you get in the habit of layering up on clothes when taking them out. But babies don’t regulate body temperature the way adults do, so dressing them with too many layers during summer can cause their bodies to overheat.

Instead, use loose-fitting clothing made from breathable fabric like cotton that won’t cause any discomfort or rashes.


Again, babies don’t sweat the way adults do so it’s our job to regulate their body temperature and hydration levels. 

Signs of dehydration include rapid breathing, restlessness, and warm and flushed skin. In case of dehydration, if your baby is under six months old, give them milk. If they’re older, water should be okay.

It’s important to hydrate your baby from the inside, but using a good moisturizer like NIVEA BABY My First Cream also helps keep their skin hydrated.

Sun exposure:

When you’re out in the sun, make sure to shield your baby with hats, umbrellas or just staying in the shade as much as possible. And don’t ever forget NIVEA KIDS Ultra Protect & Play Lotion SPF 50+  if you’re expecting sun exposure.


Regular bathing in the summer is a must using NIVEA BABY Pure & Mild Shampoo to get rid of dust and sweat and avoid additional irritation of the skin. Properly focus on the neck, arms and fold of your baby then pat them dry.

If you’re spending the day out, keep NIVEA BABY Fresh & Pure Wipes (mild and alcohol-free wipes) on hand the refresh your child. It’s an easy way to keep the baby clean and remove any sweat or dust during the day until you can get home to a proper bath.
Don’t let the heat or sun take away your plans with your baby. Go show them the world and have fun together safely and make wonderful memories while being fully protected.

Take care of yourself beautiful mama!