How to make bath time fun for you and your baby

We’ve always talked about how bath time is perfect for bonding with your baby and enjoying some quality time together. However, babies and toddlers will often fuss in the bath and think it’s boring, which will make your job harder too. Here are some tips and activities we have so you can enjoy bath time with your baby and make it as fun as playtime.

  1. Bubble baths!
    You can never go wrong with adding some foam and bubbles into your baby’s bath. Make sure to find tear-free soaps and foams suitable for babies and have a blast. Make foam beards and moustaches, or just splash around in them. You can even include bubble blowers once your baby’s old enough. Everyone loves bubbles.
  2. Water balloons
    What better place to throw water balloons than in a bath? You can even fill some with water and others with air and then get surprised.
  3. Bath toys
    There are endless toys made specifically for bath time. Whether it’s waterproof puppets, books, or even puzzles, these are bound to keep your baby entertained in the bath. Put on a puppet show or learn new words together.
  4. Unleash their inner artist
    While drawing on the walls is a no-no, there are now soap crayons and bathtub paints that you can use in the bath on your bathroom wall that are so easy to wipe off. Let your baby unleash the artist within and take advantage of the easy clean-up to make things colourful. .
  5. Play pretend
    Kids love nothing more than creating other worlds and disappearing into their fantasies. Go along and be a pirate or mermaid for the night. You can even get props!
  6. Keep it jazzy
    Keep your phone or little speaker in the bathroom with you for some fun tunes. Turn that bathroom into an aquatic karaoke!
  7. Bring the snacks
    Even though you’re only in there for a short time, use it to give your baby a snack you might not want them to have in the kitchen, like a popsicle, because they just drip it everywhere. Again, take advantage of the easy clean-up. This is your party, after all.
  8. Just splash.
    Don’t forget that sometimes the simplest things are the most fun. Don’t be afraid to splash in the water and get some outside the tub. The memories and giggles will be worth the clean-up.

Find whatever is fun for you and your baby so you can enjoy this time and make them associate baths and hygiene with positive emotions. This can also make bath time feel less like a chore for you, especially after a long day. Just hang in the water and unwind.

Take care of yourself and your baby, beautiful mama!