After 10 years of research, LUMINOUS630® is one of NIVEA’s breakthrough discoveries formulated with patented ingredients to help you reduce and prevent dark spots. The LUMINOUS630® range is enriched with effective ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid which can be found in the advanced treatment serum to brighten the skin.

What is NIVEA Luminous630® and how does it work?

NIVEA LUMINOUS630® products, curated by our skincare experts, gracefully reduce dark spots. They address the core issue at the cellular level, orchestrating dual action: illuminating areas with high melanin concentration and, with dedicated use, governing melanin production to derail the emergence of new dark spots.

What are dark spots and how do they appear?

Dark spots, also known as pigment spots, emerge due to an overabundance of melanin. Triggers encompass excessive sun exposure without adequate SPF, hormonal imbalances, aging, and post-acne/skin inflammation. Sunspots stem from UV exposure, age spots develop through UV-induced melanin, hormonal imbalances result in melasma, and post-acne marks manifest as melanin-rich blemishes. LUMINOUS630® zeroes in on these imbalances, ushering in equilibrium for a harmonious complexion.

Is NIVEA LUMINOUS630® designed for a specific age range?

NIVEA LUMINOUS630® extends its embrace to both young and mature women, offering a pathway to radiant skin that defies age and welcomes luminosity.