Goodbye Cellulitis

Goodbye Cellulitis: Declaring War on Unsightly Indentations


Smooth and soft skin – that’s what most women want. With specific exercises and the right creams, you can firm up your skin again.

Exercise and care for smoother skin

Wearing shorts or a pretty skirt in the summer is only half as much fun if the dreaded indentations on your legs are likely to be on show. So, get to grips with cellulitis in good time: get your legs and bum back in shape with a specially tailored exercise programme and these care tips.
Shower alternately with cold and warm water. When you use cold water the vessels contract and then they expand in warm water. This promotes the circulation of blood and the tissue becomes firmer.
  • Fighting cellulitis is a real concern for many women.
  • The troublesome indentations do not disappear overnight. Start your anti-cellulite programme in the winter so that your skin is beautiful again in time for the bikini season. 
  • Cycling, jogging and the step machine are your allies on the route to better-looking skin. Because exercise not only tightens the muscles, it also smooths your skin. 
  • By taking special measures against cellulitis you will support the strengthening of the tissue: NIVEA Q10 Firming Body Lotion has a tightening and strengthening effect. 
  • Caffeine increases the resilience of the outer layer of skin. A scrub with coffee grounds also purifies and stimulates the circulation in the cells.

Massages with quality ingredients make the skin noticeably smoother


Firm up your skin even when showering

Your skin tightening programme begins in the morning when you’re in the shower. Support the effect of alternating the heat in your shower with the tightening effect of NIVEA Q10 In-Shower Firming Body Lotion. Quality ingredients make the skin supple and tighten it up noticeably.


Regular exercise – the best way to combat cellulitis

Exercise strengthens the muscles and burns fat – declare war on your cellulite by ensuring you move around a lot.

Smooth skin and tighter curves on your bum and legs

The appearance of cellulitis can be alleviated with a few simple exercises – if you stick at them consistently. All you need is an exercise mat. Lie on your back and put your legs up. Bend both knees into a right angle leaving a hand’s width of space between them. Now lift your hips and stretch one leg out forwards. Count to ten slowly and then change legs. Just ten regular repetitions of this exercise every day will alter your figure and the appearance of your skin measurably. 


Declare war on cellulitis – regular exercise results in visible success

Tighter upper thighs: Lie sideways on an exercise mat and bend the lower leg slightly. Now straighten the upper leg and lift it up whilst exhaling. Hold it briefly in the air and then lower it again whilst inhaling. Change sides after 20 repetitions.


Quick and easy anti cellulite massage that work