Lifestyle and Your Skin

Whether it’s working too late or partying too hard, burning the candle at both ends will catch up with you eventually. And fatigue isn’t just about feeling tired either – it’s perfectly visible on your face too. We pinpoint the most common telltale signs of too many late nights and explain why using a revitalising face care routine can help fight fatigue.


Skin takes a serious beating in the winter months, with icy winds ripping into the skin’s lipid barrier and sucking out all the essential moisture. After a couple of days, all that’s left is a weather-beaten and exhausted expression, accentuated with the odd flaky patch of dry skin. Replacing lost moisture is of paramount importance when it comes to making skin look alive and healthy, so invest in a revitalising daily moisturiser to help rebalance the skin.




Many things can cause the blue-ish blood vessels that lie beneath the delicate skin around your eyes to become visible. Contrary to popular belief, however, it’s not fatigue itself that causes this ‘tired’ appearance, it’s the pale skin that comes with not getting enough rest. And the more translucent your skin, the more likely it is that these shadows will be noticeable. Cunning eye products can counteract discolouration, giving the impression – however false – of a well-rested face.


An undisputable sign of sleep deprivation, puffy peepers occur when increased blood pressure forces fluid into the tissue surrounding the eyes causing the area to swell. Couple with bloating agents like alcohol or salty foods and the condition can appear even worse. An eye product can help ‘deflate’ the area and perk you up in an instant…and so will a decent night’s sleep!




Grey skin lacking in radiance and vitality is unfortunately common among guys who deal with stress by smoking or who spend a lot of time in air-conditioned offices staring at their computer screen. It’s the accumulation of dead skin cells that causes skin to lose its healthy hue but this condition can easily be remedied with regular exfoliation or daily cleansing.