Skin Reaction to Shaving

Shaving is a pretty traumatic process. Every stroke of your blade inflicts damage, wearing away at the outermost layers of the skin and leaving you defenceless against infection and irritation. Even a ‘perfect’ shave comes with its fair share of microscopic mutilation. These pictures explain what happens to your skin during shaving and how you can react to it after shaving.


As the blade passes down the surface of the skin, the outermost layer of the skin is removed along with the hairs. By removing this protective barrier, skin not only becomes dehydrated but more vulnerable to germs and bacteria. The blade can also cause invisible microcuts, which need to be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent infection.


Aftershave balm recovers the skin from shaving. The actives in an aftershave balm help repair damage by rebuilding the skin’s protective barrier as quickly as possible. Not only will an aftershave balm disinfect any nicks and cuts, but it will help restore lost moisture and calm any visible irritation.

Since too much alcohol can dry out the skin and provoke irritations finding a product with the right alcohol content is absolutely essential – anything that contains more than 50% alcohol will inevitably make post-shave skin worse off. 

NIVEA MEN’s aftershave lotion contains 30%, half the amount found in traditional post-shave products; an alcohol-free formula, however, is ideal for guys with sensitive skin.