Nivea Men FAQ: After Shave


Does NIVEA MEN also offer alcohol-free aftershaves?

Yes! There is the NIVEA MEN Sensitive range especially for sensitive skin (white packaging). 

Can I do without aftershave?

If necessary – but aftershave rounds off a good shave. Shaving every day exerts additional stress on the face, but if you use the right aftershave care, this can be counterbalanced.

The caring aftershaves from NIVEA MEN replenish the skin with lipids to care for the skin and make it smoother after shaving, and Vitamins and provitamins protect the skin and support the regeneration process.

My skin is very sensitive – if I use aftershave after shaving, my skin burns. Is there anything else I can use?

Yes. The burning you're experiencing is most definitely caused by the high amount of alcohol and perfume contained in your aftershave. Try using a product which is odourless and free of alcohol – and thus kind to the skin. 

I use aftershave. Is it supposed to burn after every shave?

No, of course not. The burning sensation is caused by the alcohol contained in most aftershaves. As the important thing about aftershave is the aftershave care, it's quite all right to use products containing less or no alcohol. They don't burn your skin and ensure optimum skincare.