Body Skin Aging: Important Tips to Prevent and Combat!

With age, skin becomes thinner and saggy and becomes more transparent and paler, and many factors play a role in this happening early, such as bad habits and exposure to direct sunlight, but the good thing is the possibility of improving the quality of the skin and delaying these signs by adding some daily steps that we present in the following info:

Causes of body skin aging:

Aging is a natural process that you cannot completely prevent, but some factors lead to its appearance faster and at a shorter age, namely:

  • Lifestyle: Bad habits, such as smoking, directly affect the skin and lead to the formation of free radicals that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles in various areas of the body and face alike.
  • Diet: People who follow an unhealthy diet suffer from skin problems during adolescence and youth, and they are certainly most vulnerable to the appearance of fine lines, sagging and thinning skin in various areas of the body.
  • Exposure to sunlight: The harmful sun rays (ultraviolet rays) affect the skin of both the body and face.
  • Loss of the protective fatty tissue between the skin and muscles: These tissues naturally diminish with age and cause the skin to age and lose its elasticity.

Prevention of body skin aging:

Skin aging that occurs for non-genetic reasons can be controlled by following these steps:

  • Protection from harmful sun rays: It is one of the basic steps to care for the skin of the body, and this is done by wearing long clothes, or applying sunscreen inside the home on areas that are exposed to the sun permanently, and there are now many sun protection products for the body.
  • Daily Moisturizing: Moisturizer locks in water inside the skin, maintains skin elasticity, and provides hydration to prevent aging of the body skin. Use NIVEA Q10 Firming Lotion, which is an ideal lotion for tightening the skin thanks to its formula enriched with Coenzyme Q10, which is an essential component of the skin. This lotion works to nourish, moisturize and supply the skin with natural levels of coenzyme Q10 to maintain skin smoothness and freshness, as the level of this enzyme decreases with age.
  • Balanced diet: Food improves health from the inside and boosts the beauty of skin and hair, and by following a healthy diet, this will be reflected on the skin, improve its type, give it freshness and delay aging.
    It is worth noting that studies indicate that eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits leads to delayed appearance of signs of aging, while a diet high in carbohydrates and refined sugar would accelerate aging.
  • Exercise: Regular moderate exercise improves blood circulation and boosts the immune system. This, in turn, may give the skin a younger look.

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Follow the previous steps to prevent skin aging, and don't forget to use NIVEA Q10 Firming Body Lotion to enjoy the best results.