Questions regarding baby care?

1. Are there any NIVEA BABY products without chamomile?

The majority of our NIVEA Baby products do not contain chamomile. Only the NIVEA Head to Toe Shampoo & Bath, and NIVEA Baby Pure & Mild Shampoo contain chamomile.

2. Should I rinse NIVEA BABY Head to Toe Shampoo & Bath from my baby's skin?

Yes, all bathing products should always be washed off gently but thoroughly.

3. Are there any products especially developed for sensitive skin?

All our products are developed with selected ingredients for sensitive baby skin. They are gentle and mild and especially developed for Baby’s delicate skin.

4. Are Shampoo and Shampoo & Bath products gentle on the eyes?


Yes, our products have been developed with “no tears” formula.


5. Till when can the range be used on my baby?


Our products are suitable for all ages.


6. How often should I bathe my baby?

In order not to stress the natural protective barrier of your baby’s skin too much, you should refrain from excessively bathing your baby. From a hygienic point of view, 3 to 4 baths per week is sufficient. Do not keep your baby in the water for too long as this ma dry out your baby’s skin. Remember: Never leave your child unattended in the water!

Further questions?

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