Say Hello to Luminous Skin!

Say hello to Luminous skin!

Our skin experts have researched meticulously for 10 years to harvest the power of Luminous630 in reducing dark spots.

What are dark spots?

Melanin is the natural pigment present in our skin and sometimes, it can be produced irregularly and cause uneven skin tone or dark spots.

There are 5 main causes for unbalanced melanin production on your face:

  1. Genetic Disposition. It’s a family thing!
  2. Unprotected Sun Exposure (when you don't wear SPF) . Instead of an even tan, you can sometimes develop “sunspots”.
  3. Hormonal Changes and imbalances (for example during pregnancy or menopause).
  4. Acne or other skin inflammations. Acne marks can appear post-inflammation.
  5. Ageing. Melanin production becomes less accurate as our skin ages, causing “age spots”.

Apart from dark spots, melanin irregularities can also cause dark circles under the eye. And while they can also be caused by ageing and genetics, stress and sleep deprivation play a significant role in their appearance.

What is Luminous 630?

The patented Luminous 630 is an ingredient that acts at the root of the problem. We’ll save you the boring scientific details, but simply put, it recreates the enzyme that produces melanin in our body.

It basically has two main actions:

  1. It acts on existing pigmentation to lighten dark spots and reduce their size. 
  2. It balances the production of new pigmentation to prevent the appearance of new spots with regular usage. 

P.S: If you’re curious, 630 comes from the molecule number thar was most successful during our research.

What do the numbers say?

  • After 4 weeks, the spots are visibly lightened.
  • After 8 weeks, their intensity is reduced by up to 50%.
  • After 12 weeks, your skin is 60% more even and 62% more luminous. *

And as you know, regular use is key to achieving the best results. Good things take time!

What are the available products?

Right now, there are 4 Luminous 630 products you can use in your skincare routine:

  1. Luminous630 Even Glow Concentrated Serum
  2. Luminous630 Even Glow Day Fluid SPF50
  3. Luminous630 Even Glow Night Complexion Care (NEW!)
  4. Luminous630 Even Glow Eye Serum (NEW!)
Trust us, you don’t need to worry about dark spots anymore. We’ve got you covered.