No more dark circles under your eyes

Struggling with dark circles under your eyes? Don’t worry, they happen to the best of us. Luckily, we’re not stuck with them forever. Here’s how to eliminate dark under eyes and feel radiant again!

What are dark circles?

The skin under our eyes is very thin and full of blood vessels. When our bodies don’t get enough moisture or oxygen, our blood vessels darken, and this “shadow” becomes visible under our eyes. Dark circles can either have a blue or brown hue, often based on genetics.

What causes dark circles?

  1. Lack of sleep
    This is the most common cause that we hear of. When we don’t sleep enough, our skin becomes pale, our eyes get puffy and those dark under eyes start showing.
  2. Oversleeping
    I know it sounds contradictory, but it’s true! When we sleep too much, the blood vessels around our eyes dilate more which leads to darker under eyes.
  3. Diet and dehydration
    An unbalanced diet can cause dark circles, especially when we’re lacking vitamin C, Zinc and Iron. Drinking too much alcohol also contributes.
  4. Stress
    When we’re stressed, our body directs the blood to our important organs, which leaves our skin looking dull and pale, so the blood vessels under our eyes are more apparent and look very dark.
  5.  Ageing
    Again, when our skin gets thinner and paler, we can see the blood vessels under our eyes more, and that’s what happens when we age, especially with our skin losing fatty tissue and elasticity. We can also interpret the shadow caused by our puffy eyelids as dark circles.
  6.  Unprotected Sun exposure
    Considering the delicacy and sensitivity of the skin around our eyes, it is susceptible to sun damage and hyperpigmentation.
  7. Screen time
    The light emitted by our phones and computer screens strains our eyes and enlarges the blood vessels around our eyes too.
  8. Genetics
    It simply runs in the family!

How to get rid of dark circles

1.        Lifestyle changes

You’d be surprised how much difference simple lifestyle changes can make to your skin and its health. Here are a few:

  1. Get more sleep
  2. Drink more water and less caffeine
  3. Wear sunglasses and sunscreen
  4. Exercise
  5. Cut down on smoking and drinking alcohol
  6. Try to reduce stress levels at work

2.        Eye cream
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