Ten ways and benefits of NIVEA Creme... you will never do without!

Ten ways and benefits of NIVEA Creme... you will never do without!

We are living extraordinary times and new circumstances that have turned life upside down. Covid-19 quickly changed everything and forced many to stay home and work remotely, with the continuous disinfection for everything as well.

Whatever change that you may have, you are one of the millions who trust NIVEA Creme with the famous blue tin and keep it in their homes to use for treating or preventing dry skin. The good news is that we will offer you new ways and ideas to use NIVEA Creme.

Ten benefits of using NIVEA Creme:

In this limited time that is full of tasks to be done, it is nice to discover something simple that adds a lot to your life; hereby you will know how NIVEA Creme makes your life easier:


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Taking care of hands and nails

Beautiful, clean nails complete the beauty of your hands, which are the most used body part, so you need to take care of your hands more than any other body part to keep them soft and tender.

Apply NIVEA Creme every time you wash or sanitize your hands to prevent dryness and keep hands moisturized and pass a little on your nails whenever you can.

If you already suffer from severe dryness, we recommend you to put a generous amount of NIVEA Creme on your hands and wear cotton gloves before bed, and you will wake up with soft and tender hands and moisturized nails free from cracks.


Taking care of feet and heels

The famous blue tin NIVEA Creme is one of the effective ways to moisturize feet and treat cracked heels to get completely smooth and supple feet. If you don't have time, and do not suffer from cracked heels, just make sure to put some NIVEA Creme on your feet on a daily basis and put on your socks afterwards.

To soften feet and treat cracks, apply a thick layer of NIVEA Creme and leave it on your feet for 20 minutes, then wipe off the remainder with a damp cloth or cotton pad, repeat this on a daily basis or every two days to get the best results.

For a faster result, take a warm bath before bed, apply a very thick layer of NIVEA Creme on your feet and heels, wear cotton socks, and you will wake up in the morning with soft feet and heels.

New heels – no problem!

Use NIVEA Creme before wearing new high heels. Everybody knows the feeling of blisters when trying the new heels for the first time. Apply NIVEA Creme before and the start with the new heels will be super smooth.


Moisturizing the body and preventing dryness

The changeable weather we face throughout the year, between hot, cold and strong winds, in addition to exposure to air conditioners or heating units, all cause dry and peeling skin, especially in winter. Make sure to apply NIVEA Creme always, especially after showers, on your whole body, including the face, legs, arms and even abdomen, to protect your skin from external factors since it is designed to give you the best results thanks to its formula enriched with Eucerit® that protects, double hydrates and makes your skin shine more.


Moisturizing knees and elbows

These parts are exposed to dryness and peeling a lot, and whether you want to prevent dryness or treat the already existing dryness, just apply Blue NIVEA Creme once a day and you will have smooth skin permanently.


Preventing pregnancy stretch marks

For many years, pregnant women have used NIVEA Creme to care for their belly skin that grows during pregnancy day after day. NIVEA Creme gives elasticity that makes the skin more resistant to the stretching and prevents pregnancy stretch marks.


Makeup remover

Many people use NIVEA Creme as a make-up remover, especially for heavy make-up that cannot resist the effectiveness of NIVEA Creme, which removes it in a wonderful, amazing, and fast one wipe! It does not only remove makeup but also takes care of your skin.  Apply NIVEA Creme to a clean cotton pad, remove make-up with one wipe, and enjoy clean, hydrated skin.


Makeup alternative

NIVEA Creme helps you to have rosy cheeks throughout the day. Apply some on your cheeks as a base under blush, as it highlights color and makes it long-lasting.

NIVEA Creme treats chapped lips and gives you moisturized lips free from dryness, chapping and peeling. Use it as a lip balm, apply to your lips with focus on both corners and leave for 15 minutes, then remove it with a cotton pad and enjoy rosy, moist and bright lips.


Shaving cream and skin conditioner alternative

If shaving cream is not available, apply a layer of NIVEA Creme on the areas you want to shave, and then pass the razor smoothly without harming your skin, and enjoy a smooth and tender skin after shaving. If you use shaving cream and you feel dry and itchy after shaving, put some NIVEA Creme with Panthenol, which gives you a soothing effect on irritated skin.


Hair Styling Cream

NIVEA Creme is often used for the skin, but it is also effective for styling hair! Apply NIVEA Creme to frizzy hair, even for children, then comb it gently, and you will notice that the appearance of the hair will be neat and shiny, isn't amazing?!


Taking care of leather things

If you have a natural leather bag or jacket that is scratched or looks dull, just apply some NIVEA Creme on it and rub a little, and you will notice its appearance refreshed and scratches reduced immediately!

Again, be careful, it must be a real leather.

NIVEA Creme benefits and uses are countless, and every time you discover a new use, you’ll be amazed at how versatile it is.