Looking for a cleansing product for your child? Here, you will find mild cleansers such as shampoos, washes, soap and wipes especially developed for your baby’s skin needs. Our products are infused with natural ingredients for the natural and safe development of your baby’s skin.
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Cleansing is key to keeping your baby’s skin healthy and smooth

Sensitive baby skin not only requires sufficient care, it must also be cleansed thoroughly. Baby skin is extra soft and requires gentle creams and cleansers than adult skin. Here on this page, you can browse our excellent selection of cleansing products for your little ones and find the ideal fit for their delicate skin. Looking for something specific? Use our filters, located at the top of the item listings. To narrow down your search by type, ingredients or other characteristics and determine exactly which cleanser is right for your baby.

Cleansing for dry or sensitive skin

Gentle cleansing is a top priority if your child has dry or sensitive skin. The cleansing products that you use must be gentle, provide sufficient moisture without further irritating your baby’s skin. Our mild and gentle cleansers, especially developed for sensitive skin, keep your baby’s skin feeling healthy soft and relaxed. Our formulas help maintain the natural pH balance of the skin and ensure that impurities are effectively removed.